See Clearly Without the Hassle of Contacts or Glasses

Your LASIK Procedure Just Got Smarter with the iDESIGN System  

We value your vision as much as you do, that’s why your eyes deserve one of the most advanced laser technologies available today

When it comes to your vision, only the best will do. That’s why we remain committed to staying at the forefront of vision correction technology. There are many LASIK options to choose from, but only the iDESIGN system driven LASIK procedure offers an advanced, high-definition method of measurement that assesses your unique vision imperfections to help us create a 100% personalized vision treatment plan just for you.  LASIK with the iLASIK® technology suite

  • 100% all-laser
  • 100% personalized just for you

Only LASIK using the iLASIK® technology suite uses a unique process to map the eye’s entire visual pathway, not just the front of the eye (cornea), to make the procedure 100% personalized. We use advanced technologies every step of the way to measure each of your eyes, create a personalized flap, and reshape the cornea—all of which can result in clearer, sharper vision you will enjoy day and night. Our practice believes in providing patients with the best technology available.

iLASIK® technologies are used worldwide and trusted by organizations with the highest safety standards, including NASA and the U.S. Military. Their elite personnel, including astronauts and fighter pilots, have relied on the iLASIK® technology suite to improve their vision and eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses.

The iDESIGN System – The New Brain of the iLASIK® Technology Suite

Your LASIK Procedure Just Got Smarter  

What is the iDESIGN System? Working like a computer “brain,” the iDESIGN system preciselymeasures and analyzes each eye’s imperfections as the first step in your LASIK procedure to help us create a 100% personalized treatment plan.

 How does the iDESIGN System work? Because no two eyes are alike, it’s important to capture each eye’s exact vision imperfections. The iDESIGN system uses a high-definition sensor that has 5x the resolution of previous technology*, capturing over 1,200 data points from each eye to create a detailed picture of your eye’s unique imperfections and accurately plan a treatment for you.

What can iDESIGN System-driven LASIK mean for me? Your eyes are a gift. They help you experience life’s moments and navigate the world. No one understands this better than us, which is why we offer the latest in laser vision correction for the best possible results. The iDESIGN system-driven LASIK can result in clearer, sharper vision you will enjoy day and night.   Results from a clinical study of people undergoing LASIK with the iDESIGN systems at six months after the procedure**:

  • 99% of people were not limited in active sports or outdoor activities1
  • 99% of people had little to no difficulty with the clarity of their vision1
  • 97% of people were satisfied with their vision1
  • 93% of people had little to no difficulty driving at night1
  • Majority of people achieved 20/16 or better vision2

You can rely on our practice to assess your vision and provide you with a treatment plan designed specifically for you.  Ask us if LASIK with the iDESIGN system is an option for you.    


1. Data on file: Myopia US IDE Study 110-IDMY.  Additional patient reported outcome analyses

2. Clinical studies submitted to FDA clinical studies via P930016/S044  

*Compared to the WaveScan WaveFront® System. **Advanced CustomVue®LASIK is a customized wavefront-guided laser surgery procedure that uses the iDESIGN Advanced WaveScan Studiosystem to measure visual imperfections of your eye and the STAR S4 IR®excimer laser to permanently reshape the cornea.