About Us

Laser Eye Center of Lubbock was created in August, 1999 by fourteen of the Lubbock area’s most experienced eye care professionals. LECOL is dedicated to the most advanced surgical correction of refractive errors available in the country. We are located on South Loop 289 between Utica and Slide Roads. Our first floor entry is wheelchair accessible, and handicap facilities are available throughout Laser Eye Center of Lubbock. Ample parking is available in our parking lot. Our equipment is state-of-the-art, and our staff is friendly and courteous.

What makes Laser Eye Center of Lubbock a better choice?
  • We utilize the best technology available. Currently, we are using the Intralase FS60 blade-free laser microkeratome and VISX Star S4 ActiveTrak laser, which tracks eye movements in 3 dimensions, and customizes its beam characteristics for each individual eye it treats. Additionally, we are using the VISX CustomVue System to perform the most sophisticated corrections available.
  • At Laser Eye Center of Lubbock, doctors are intimately involved in your care from your preoperative evaluation through all of your followup care. There are too many laser centers that use technicians or para-professionals to do your eye examination. These people do NOT have the training to perform laser vision correction examinations. Rest assured, if your doctor lives a few hundred miles away from the laser center, he will only be there to perform your surgery, and will not be there for your pre- and post- operative evaluations. Additionally, if someone introduces himself by first name (for example, “My name is Fred.”), instead of Doctor, (for example, “My name is Dr. Jones.”), then he is not a doctor, and you will be examined and treated by a non-doctor. At Laser Eye Center of Lubbock, we have a team of doctors that will take care of you before and after your procedure. Additionally, our doctors are not just in Lubbock, but are all around the Lubbock area, as far as Eastern New Mexico, so you can be seen by a doctor in your area.
  • We do not use a “roll-on roll-off” laser. These rental lasers are carted around from clinic to clinic in a large truck! As such, they are exposed to much more stress, dirt, and abuse than the fixed lasers that are installed permanently at a facility. All it takes is one piece of dirt inside the laser to create a poor quality optical surface on your eye! At Laser Eye Center of Lubbock, we care too much about the quality of procedure we perform, and we do not use “roll-on roll-off” lasers, because we cannot guarantee their proper maintenance, alignment, or care. We respect your vision too much to knowingly use an inferior piece of equipment.
  • We do not re-use our disposable equipment between patients, such as blades, sponges, or markers. Many low-price facilities do these practices to save money. That way, they can do your procedure for less money and still remain profitable. However, would you like to receive the same blade that a person with an infectious disease, such as hepatitis or AIDS had used?? We will not expose you to such a risk, since we get brand new equipment between patients. Period.
  • We are not part of a residency training program. Therefore, your procedure will definitely not be done by a “eye doctor trainee.”
  • The medical director is a fellowship trained refractive surgeon. This means that he had an extra year of training performing laser refractive surgery. To our knowledge, no other laser center in Lubbock (or West Texas) can claim this. In other words, the Laser Eye Center of Lubbock staff has access to the only LASIK specialist in West Texas.
  • Our microkeratome is the best in the world. Our laser is the most proven in the world. Our doctors are the area’s most experienced doctors. Your risk of complications is minimized from poor quality equipment and doctors.
  • We have a battery backup that runs our laser and microkeratome, so if there is a power outage, we can finish your procedure quickly, safely, and as planned. Additionally, our laser center was built with its own filtration and climatization system that makes sure the laser runs optimally. Finally, you will not find an external door or window in our laser suite, since this may lead to thermal, bacterial, dust, or toxic contamination.
We, at Laser Eye Center of Lubbock, know that you will not get better quality laser vision correction anywhere, at any price.