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Laser Surgery Video

On June 21, 2006, Mark Kennedy, of KAMC Channel 28 News had Intralase/VISX LASIK Surgery, performed by Dr. Tim Khater. This television news event was broadcasted to the residents of the Lubbock area. It was NOT a paid advertisement.kamc028

Laser Eye Surgery Video

On November 5, 1999, Dr. Tim Khater performed LASIK on Jack Vincent, news director of KCBD TV Channel 11. This television news event was broadcasted live to the residents of the Lubbock area.kcbd03

Note: Dr. Khater is performing the surgery, and Dr. David Lamberts, MD, is narrating while the surgery is being performed on Jack’s left eye.

One day after surgery, Jack was seeing better than 20/20, without the use of glasses or contact lenses. He had minimal pain during and after the procedure, and has done extremely well since his procedure. Jack can now do essentially everything he wants do do without the need for corrective lenses.

Please note: While Jack sees extremely well without glasses, LASIK does not treat a condition called presbyopia, which is the need for reading glasses past the age of 40-45. When Jack reaches this age, he will require reading glasses. His distance vision should continue to remain clear, as the surgical changes in his eyes are permanent and do not wear off. Additionally, while Jack and Mark obtained excellent vision, 20/20 vision (or any other vision level) can never be guaranteed.