Laser Surgery is NOT a Commodity – Price difference translates to difference in value

Who is Doing Your Surgery?

There are a number of reasons why prices may vary between providers.

The low, advertised price is a teaser price.

The vast majority of patients do not qualify for the advertised price. It is not uncommon for a low advertised price to become $3,500 – $4,000 for both eyes once a patient’s prescription and a complete set of pre- and post-operative services, travel arrangements, and enhancements are included.

Training and Experience.

In many cases, the lower prices are for the less experienced surgeon in the practice. Often these surgeons have performed fewer than 500 procedures and may have only received a weekend training course. Highly qualified surgeons may have a year or more of LASIK fellowship training and have completed more than 3,000 procedures.

Technology and safety.

Some centers use older technology that doesn’t provide a full range of FDA approved vision correction capabilities. There have been cases of providers reusing blades or not sterilizing equipment. Confirm that your provider has a state-of-the-art FDA approved laser with a three-dimensional eye tracker, large treatment zone and backup power supply. For additional safety, verify the surgeon uses a microkeratome with a fixed corneal depth plate to eliminate potential problems due to human error.


Check your surgeon’s references as well as their status with the Texas Medical Board.

Personal Care from the Surgeon.

Some practices have you meet an eye doctor for the first time on the day of surgery and rely on support staff to work with you before and after the procedure. Very low prices usually mean processing large numbers of patients with many support staff.

Not everything is included.

Practices may charge additional fees for enhancements beyond 3 months or a year.

Private practice versus corporate chain.

A number of regional and national corporate chains provide LASIK. They often do not promise a specific surgeon, but rather rotate several surgeons through the week. Several have recently gone out of business or entered bankruptcy and left patients without services already paid for, such as primary surgery, enhancements, follow-up visits, and testing (e.g. LASIK Vision, Icon Laser Centers). Find out if your surgeon is committed to practicing in your community. Additionally, some advertise a low price, but make you travel a long distance to have your surgery out of the back of a truck (such as LASIK Vision Institute, affiliated with Eyeglass World).

Full Service Package

At Laser Eye Center of Lubbock, you always get Full Service LASIK. Once you compare training, experience, safety and service, we think you’ll find our Full Service LASIK is the care you want for your eyes. And you’ll find our Full Service LASIK is very affordable.