Why us?

Use this page to help you discover why Laser Eye Center of Lubbock is, quite simply, your best available choice in laser vision correction.
  1. Diagnostic Equipment
    Bausch & Lomb Orbscan IIz (to measure the front AND back of your cornea) – the only one in Lubbock
  2. Microkeratome
    IntraLase FS60 for a safer and more accurate procedure – the only one in Lubbock
  3. FDA Approved
  4. Wavefront Correction with Astigmatism
    Yes – Wavefront Correction with Astigmatism VISX CustomVue (Nearsightedness, Farsightedness, and Mixed Astigmatism) with the WIDEST (as of 12/13/05) range of approvals – the only one in Lubbock
  5. Battery Backup
  6. Liebert Environmental Control
    Yes – the only one in Lubbock servicing an excimer eye laser
  7. Isolated Operating Room
    Yes (No exterior windows or doors, with only 1 door to the room) the only one in Lubbock
  8. Free Enhancement (during 1st year)
  9. Optical Zone Treatment Size
    3.5 to 8.5 mm, can be blended to 9.5 mm
  10. Laser Eye Tracking System
    3 dimensional autocentering on UNDILATED Pupil – the only one in Lubbock
  11. Type of Laser Beam
    Variable Spot Scanning – the only one in Lubbock
  12. Fast Treatment Speed
  13. Depth of Ablation
    Thickness Preserving
  14. Ability to Fine Tune